RIIKKA VAINIO -Born 1977 in Turku, Finland. Artist and curator, born in Turku (Finland), she graduated in journalism at the University of St. Petersburg. In Italy from 2007. Has studied history of art at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome and aesthetics in the University of Helsinki. Author of many short stories. “I was born in Finland and I spent my childhood in the islands of Turku archipelago, from there a condition of enchantment was born, that still dominates my life and my perception of the present. The topics most dear to me are: poetry, the rhythm of the word, movement and lightness as an expression of the body. I interpret fragility as a thin thread that holds the elements without ever evading the transience in their dynamism, with my work I seek a natural breath through sufficient, adequate handling.”

1996-2002 Master of science in Journalism Saint Petersburg State University, Bachelor degree Russian language and Russian
Studies of History of Modern and Contemporary Art Universita degli Studi “La Sapienza” di Roma and studies of Aesthetic –
University of Helsinki
– Incantevoli misure – Jusu e susu, Galleria San Sebastiano Contemporary – Casa Bramante, Palazzolo Acreide,
– Cabine d’artista – abbi cura, SBA Sporting Beach Art, Ostia, 20.10- 10.11.2019.
– Entagled Nature, sculpture, Tutta l’arte è imitazione della natura, Botanical Garden Roma 2018.
– “Spoken scupltures” Roma 2014, project realized in romani nomad camp 2014.
– Several drawings together with Maurizio Savini: Fabula in Art, Museo San Salvatore in Lauro Roma 4.4.2012; Galleria
Ermano Tedeschi, Roma 21.11.2013, N.-N gallery Taormina 4.1.2013.
– Astra, short film together with Maurizio Savini, Corpo di Donna exhibition, Centro culturale Elsa Morante, Roma 2013
– Domestic Forest, performance together with Maurizio Savini: Villa Torlonia, Frascati 2011, Castello di Rivara, Torino
2012, Galleria Franz Paludetto, Roma 2013, MAAM, Roma 2014.
– Arena, Performance together with Maurizio Savini: MAAM, Roma 2015
– Vieno Motors, performance: Villa Lante, Roma 2017, Skidit festarit, Helsinki 2017, Lusto museo, Punkaharju 2018,
Artplay, Saint petersburg 2018
– Flower performance, Hybris Gallery, Roma 2017

– “IPER Festival delle periferie” “Field of Dreams”, Sophia Ehrnrooth, MAAM Museum, Rome, 22.5.2021
– “SuomIngorgo” festival of Finnish Contemporary Art in Rome 17.9-15.11.2019.
With 6 exhibitions: Katja Tukiainen, Otto Karvonen, Sasha Huber, Katriina Haikala, Kaarina Kaikkonen and Hannu
Palosuo. In collaborazion with Macro Museum, Fondazione Pastificcio Cerere, Fonazione Volume!, Istitituto Svizzero,
Galleria Z2O, galleria Futurism & Co and R.A.M.
– Video Art and workshop “879 Heroes by Heart” Sophia Ehrnroot, Macro Museum, Rome, 2.5.2019.
– Installation “Field of Dreams”, Sophia Ehrnrooth, MAAM Museum, Rome, 4.5.2019
– Opera Live, “Silvae” Paavo Halonen, Macro Museum, Rome, 26.-31.1.2019
– Exhibition “Giardino degli Uccelli” Paavo Halonen, Casa del Poeta Valentino Zeichen. Collaboration with R.A.M. ,
– Kiasma Museums director Leevi Haapala’s presentation of the Nordic Pavilion at the 58th international Art Exhibition of
La Bienale di Venezia, 29.1.2019, Macro Museum, Rome
– Atelier-week Hannu Palosuo, Macro Museum, Rome 20.-25.11.2018. “ Juttutupa”, Finnish evening in Macro Museum,
Rome, in collaboration with Finland Society in Rome, 22.11.2018.
– “Transizioni e Passaggi”, Group Exhibition of six Finnish artits: Sophia Ehrnrooth, Sasha Huber, Rosa Liksom, Hannu
Palosuo, Nanna Susi, Katja Tukiainen, in Spazio Cerere/ Pastificio Cerere, Roma. 23.-28.3.2018
– Educ’Arte, event and theatre play in Frascati 2011

Photo by Olga Poppius